Ready for adventure

The ultimate smart collar system for you and your best friend

Set daily health goals

Create personalized goals and keep track of their activity, including steps taken, distance traveled, rest time and calories burned.

Adventure proof

With an IPX7 waterproof rating for up to three feet, mud, rain, or snow won’t stop the Averia Collar.

Dog leash friendly

Durable and waterproof, the woven polyester strap is designed to be used with any leash.

Battery life up to 1 month

Select Energy Saving Mode to maximize longevity and quickly swap batteries without removing the collar.

Patented technology

Monitor your pet’s location and receive instant alerts if they get lost.

Connect with your pet on a whole new level

Unconditional love meets unlimited coverage

Less wondering, more wandering

Follow the adventure

Freedom to run wild

Reunite with your best friend

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Averia at a Glance

The Averia smart collar system operates on advanced technology, but we designed it to be easy to use for everyone.

Quickly connect your Collar to the Averia App via Bluetooth.

Create a pet profile and set activity goals based on your pet’s needs.

The Collar uses GPS to communicate an accurate, real-time location.

Supported globally by LTE-M and 2G networks.

The Collar automatically detects WiFi networks to preserve battery.

Receive instant notifications if your pet leaves a Safe Zone or gets lost.